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About Us

The mission of Burning Shade is to assist overwhelmed Theme Camp Organizers & Playa Citizens with essential Shade Construction Tools & Services to make Burning Man 'A Stress Free Event'.  Building on a concept that originated in an Arizona garage in  2005, Burning Shade has become the Leader in  Black Rock City Community Shade & Playa Condo Construction.

Burning Shade Gerlach OfficesErecting your Camps infrastructure can be a daunting task.  After unpacking your gear you realize you forgot Rope & Ratchet Straps, the bag of Nuts & Bolts spilled somewhere on SR. 447. 

Burning Shade's Gerlach office's & adjacent Lumber & PVC yard are here to assist you; get you back in the game of having FUN On-Playa; instead of hassling with Erecting or Dismantling Shade Structures.

We all have stress in our lives, it is a part of the Default World we hope to leave behind when we cross the threshold of Black Rock City. Unfortunately stress can make you sick! Burning Shade researchers, in conjunction with the Gerlach Health Department, discovered that a particular chemical, BRCH1-N-1 is released from the brain during times of stress. This chemical can impact your immune system making you more vulnerable to Playa Fever, a rare but serious condition that can plaque those that visit the Northern Nevada Desert without proper Playa preparation.

Let Burning Shade Be Your Lifeline...  A lifeline to assist the overwhelmed, the overworked Camp Organizer in fully enjoying & embracing a  Stress Free Playa experience.

Burning Shade is a wholly-owned division of SBS Consolidated, a company committed to Playa Services.  "The SBS family of companies have a proven track record  of creating a Community atmosphere in Black Rock City, offering Goods & Services indispensable to day-to-day Playa living", says ScottoBobScotto, Chairman & CEO.



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       A Division of SBS Consolidated