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When it comes to Playa Condo Construction, Modifications and Maintenance look no further than Burning Shade. For over 2 years we have been providing Playa Citizens the absolute best in quality service. While it is most certainly true that "no body's perfect" the difference in us is that we strive to be.

A Playa Construction company needs to be more than good at its job, it needs to be safe. Burning Shade's Safety record during erection/takedown is not only a priority, it is a value, and from the top down we take our values very seriously. From upper management to our newest employee we continue to train and update our safety programs ensuring the protection of our team and clients.

Burning Shade provides high quality materials and services that can be tailored to your unique requirements to enhance your Playa experience.

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Burning Shade has assisted clients Play-Wide in the preparations of many well received Playa Condos & Theme Camp spaces. Let us help you build your dreams! Our experienced staff is committed to completing your projects on a timely basis and within budget. Clients are always impressed with Burning Shade's abilities, featuring quick, innovative solutions at competitive rates.

Contact a Burning Shade Design Consultant for costs and complete details of our services. Your agent can answer any questions you may have about our company, policies or costs.

"At Burning Shade, we pride ourselves in our unique capabilities of top quality Playa Construction that will enable Theme Camp leaders & organizers to have the Burning Man experience they have always dreamed of...Stress Free", says ScottoBobScotto, Chairmen & CEO.

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